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Get More Than Just Dry Clothes with a Gas Dryer from JCPenney

It's time to buy yourself a brand-new dryer, and you've made the cost-saving, environmentally friendly choice of a natural gas dryer. All dryers have the same basic inner workings. A small electric motor turns the drum that tumbles your clothes, while an electric fan distributes the heated air. The big difference between a gas dryer and an electric one is where all that heat comes from.

The average family that dries one load of laundry in a gas dryer every day will save about $70 a year over a traditional electric dryer. Just remember: If you don't already have a gas line installed in your home, it can be quite expensive to add the necessary connections. Talking with a gas appliance specialist will help streamline the processes of installing your new dryer.

Selecting Your New Gas Dryer

JCPenney stocks some of the top names in gas dryers like Samsung, LG, Hotpoint, and GE. When shopping for your new gas dryer, look for some helpful features including a pilotless ignition and an automatic shut-off. Many models offer an electronic moisture-sensing device that detects the level of dampness in your clothes. When the perfect degree of dryness is achieved, the gas dryer shuts off automatically, saving time and energy. Of course, don't overlook the coveted ENERGY STAR rating, either.

In addition to simple, customized cycles and settings, another handy feature to consider for your gas dryer is an automatic cooldown. During this period at the end of the dry cycle, your dryer will continue to tumble for a short interval without heat to reduce wrinkly clothes, so you don't have to iron them. High-capacity machines let you dry more clothes at once, so you can get your laundry done with fewer loads.

Advantages of Gas Dryers

Natural gas dryers have several distinct advantages over electric dryers, so you can keep your clothes looking great without the headaches of old-fashioned electric appliances. They dry your clothes faster, which means less time spent doing the laundry. Gas dryers are also gentle on fabrics because clothes spend less time tumbling around at incredibly high temperatures. Many new models of gas dryers at JCPenney come with noise reduction packages for whisper quiet operation, as well as steam technologies that generate steam to refresh and dewrinkle clothes and sanitize nonwashable items.

Buying a new household appliance like a gas dryer from JCPenney is a long-term investment in your family, and gas dryers will cost less to run over their lifetime. Whether you're replacing a retired, energy-hogging appliance or setting up your first home, before you buy your new gas dryer, consider your family's needs, your budget, and the features you'd love to have.

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