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Hair Dryers Fight the Frizz

Hair dryers are so commonplace in bathrooms today, you come to expect them everywhere, even in hotels. Although they might seem all the same, there are actually many different types and of attachments that suit every hair type and style. As a result, it's important to know what kind of hair type you have, and which attachments you should use to maintain your style.

All Different Types of Blow Dryers

There are several types of blow dryers that cater to specific hair styling needs. One of the most common types you'll see at JCPenney are those made with tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal that conducts infrared heat and negative ions - this leads to a soft finish, making it perfect for frizzy or dry hair. Ionic products are another option, as they break down the water molecules in your hair faster so that the drying process is sped up - great for people on the go with medium or fine hair. Additionally, ceramic dryers can offer heat protection, which usually results in softer hair. JCPenney also offers different types of motors and settings on the dryer, such as temperature controls. For instance, the "cold shot" button is a common feature on hair dryers, and it blasts cold air at the end of drying sessions to "set" the hair in the cuticle. There are AC motors, which are used on professional salons and often less noisy, and DC motors, which are lightweight. Shoppers can also expect to find some of the biggest brand names in the hair dryer and blow dryer market, including Conair, Revlon, and many more!

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