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Take Care of Your Hair With a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Hair can be a woman's greatest glory, but sometimes it becomes dull and lifeless as the result of weather conditions and hair styling tools. A cold wind or hot, dry sun takes the moisture out of your hair and leaves it flat. There's no shine, no bounce, no glory. You need to restore your hair to tip-top condition, and hair masks are the best thing to get your hair back to its shiny self. But hair masks are more than letting your scalp and tresses soak in rejuvenating oils, minerals, and clays. Shop JCPenney to find a mask that is right for your hair type and even your coloring treatment, so you can get the best possible outcome.

Hair Masks Help You Keep Color From Fading

A healthy strand of hair has what's known as a closed cuticle. The hair cuticle is the layer on each strand that makes hair look smooth and shiny. When you color your hair, the coloring goes below the cuticle layer and gets sealed in. That's how hair color manages to stick around for a while and not fade immediately. But if your hair has been damaged by hot irons or has gotten dried out by the weather, that color is at risk of fading sooner.

Hair masks restore the cuticle and protect the color from coming out. They also reduce the frizz that comes from dry or damaged conditions, which in turn makes the hair color look better. Light bounces off the hair instead of getting absorbed, because the shiny cuticle was restored by the hair mask.

Make Your Hair Manageable Again

When your hair gets dried out, it's prone to tangles and frizz. You might even be at risk of knots if you're not careful! Putting on a hair mask changes all of this by restoring moisture to your hair. To get the most out of your treatment, you can leave hair masks on overnight if you're so inclined. Just put on a shower cap and let the mask soak into your tresses so you can have silky soft and manageable hair in the morning.

Use Frequently for Best Results

You can use hair masks once every few days if your hair still feels thirsty or crackly. Just make sure to space the treatments apart so your hair follicles have a chance to absorb the nutrients and oils from the previous treatment. And you can do a hair mask while you're in the shower. Simply take a couple of minutes to push the treatment through your hair, then go back to your cleaning routines. Rinse your hair out at the end for hair that feels wonderful again.

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