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From Wild to Tame, the Perfect Hair Spray for Any Style

The history of hair spray goes all the way back to 1948, when aerosol canisters made their way from soldiers to households, where they were then adapted into the beauty industry. That started with Chase Products in 1948, and the term "hair spray" was coined by Helene Curtis in 1950 with the advent of Spray Net and Aqua Net.

Hair spray has come a long way since then, moving from environmentally destructive chemicals toward safer, more green products that are every bit as effective. It also fills a whole range of uses, from creating elaborate hairdos to taming frizz and managing those bad hair days. Whatever your hair styling needs might be, the JCPenney collection of hair sprays can handle your coif.

Tall or Short, Smooth or Wild

Hair sprays come in many different designs and formulae for all kinds of uses. If you want your hair to be as tall as a Northern California redwood, there are volumizing sprays that can do just that. If you're looking for a smooth, sleek, and tame look, there are tangle-free conditioning sprays designed just for that purpose. Maybe you're looking to freeze that elaborate design perfectly in place? A freezing spray is just what you need.

Taming your hair and getting it to stay in style takes a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare if you've got the right styling products on hand. This can mean having a number of different products for a number of different needs. A basic taming spray might be perfect for your day-to-day office needs, while a volumizing spray or root lifter might be right for those nights out on the town. For an elegant date night or formal occasion, you might want the perfect layered spray followed by a finishing spray.

All Your Favorite Hair Spray Brands

Of course, brand loyalty is a thing, and whatever brand you like, we've got it. We have hairsprays from all the major beauty lines at competitive prices. Whether you're looking for the right spray to create a shiny finish and hold your hair perfectly in place, a moisturizing and hydrating spray to keep frizz under control, or a finishing spray to add that perfect final touch, it's all right here. We have anti-humidity, thickening, and hair dryer-resistant types, sprays that add extra shine, and ones that enable you to sleep in your hairdo with a simple touch-up in the morning.

JCPenney's complete line of hair spray and hair care products includes the strength, finish, and purpose for every aspect of your hair styling and finishing needs from some of the most respected manufacturers in the beauty industry. Explore our complete collection of hair conditioning, styling, and finishing sprays, and perfect your hairstyle today!

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