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High Efficiency Washers

Washing machines are a spectacular modern convenience, and if you've ever taken your old washer for granted, just talk to someone who has to visit the laundromat every week. That being said, upgrading to a high efficiency washer is a smart choice both for your energy consumption and for the cleanliness of your clothes and linens. You've got lots of brands and features to choose from at JCPenney.

Where to Start

When choosing a new washing machine, narrow down your options by asking yourself what feature is most important to you. Perhaps your household needs an array of wash cycle options for complicated stains and delicates with finicky wash instructions. Maybe an oversized washer will accommodate a large household the way a regular washer cannot. Or energy efficiency might be at the top of your list, to save money on your energy bills and to do your part to help the environment. These features aren't mutually exclusive, but identifying what you most need from a washer will help you in your search.

Extra Features for Controlled Washes

Samsung offers high efficiency washers with their AddWash feature. It's a small door attached to the main side-loading door of the washer. Once the cycle has started, you can use the AddWash door to throw in forgotten items. Other features like SteamWash and PowerFoam treat stains and use the high efficiency washer to its fullest potential.

Space for Large Households

When washing small loads doesn't get the job done fast enough, you need a washer with 5 cubic feet of space or more. LG, GE, and Samsung all produce high efficiency washers with at least 5 cubic feet of washing space. Stop stuffing your washing machine overfull and upgrade to a product big enough to accommodate your large family.

The Energy Efficiency You Desire

When you want an environmentally conscious product, look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star is a government label letting consumers know that a product meets certain efficiency standards. Look for Energy Star awards, like Most Efficient Mark, to indicate top energy and water savings.

You can qualify for free delivery on your high efficiency washer and other purchases right here online. Your washer upgrade process will be smooth and simple when you choose JCPenney as your appliance shop!

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