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Men’s Outdoor Clothing and Gear for Outdoor Adventures

Men’s Outdoor Clothing and Gear for Outdoor Adventures

You have your checklist in hand for your big trip, but as you look over it, you see that there are several major items that you need to buy. Head to JCPenney to shop our men’s outdoor clothing and outdoor gear for all of your adventures! Whether you’re working or playing outdoors, staying warming is a big deal. The temperature can drop drastically outside, especially if you are at a high elevation. We have all the right tools to keep you warm and toasty on those cool nights. Layering your clothes is one of the best ways to stay warm. You can easily slip out of your layers if you get too hot, or pile on more layers for extra warmth. Add thermal underwear or long johns underneath your clothing, and buy several pairs of our wool blend socks as well. Shop our collection of outwear, and find tough and durable jackets to take with you. We have a very diverse selection of gloves too! Waterproof ski gloves will prove invaluable on your big ski trip, texting gloves make it easy for you to text and keep all ten of your digits warm. When night time falls, slip your hands into a pair of high visibility gloves. Half masks, full masks, boots, and slippers are available in our outdoor shop too! Among our cool outdoor gear, you’ll find multi tool gadgets that you can use both at home and outdoors, clip on cap lights, and personalized pocket knives. Begin your outdoor adventures on the right foot with high quality men’s outdoor clothing and outdoor gear.