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Sip Cold Drinks With a New Ice Maker

Having an ice maker at home might not seem like a game-changer, but it can make a big difference in the way you prepare and enjoy your favorite drinks. An ice maker also makes it easy to whip up tasty smoothies, mixed drinks, and cocktails. When you pick out an ice maker, you can choose an option that produces your favorite type of ice. Many people love pebble ice, so finding a machine that can deliver pebble ice on demand makes it easier to cool down your drinks. You can also pick out a machine that makes several types of ice to accommodate everyone in your family.


When the craving strikes for a cold drink on the rocks, the last thing you want is to have to run to the nearest convenience store to pick up a bag. Using ice trays might seem like an easy solution, but you have to remember to fill them up every time you use the ice. Opening the door of the freezer only to see empty trays is always frustrating, and freezing the cubes can take hours. When you have an ice maker, the ice is available on demand when you want it.

No Waste

If your ice maker produces more ice than you can use, simply bag it up and store it in your freezer for later use. You might find that you need more ice when you host a gathering with friends, so having that extra stockpile will come in handy. You can also pull out the extra bags of ice to make smoothies or blended drinks.

If you aren't using all the extra ice in your drinks, try using a frozen pack to reduce swelling or soothe sore muscles. Toss the prepackaged ice bags in your cooler for a barbecue or camping trip. Having ice readily available in your freezer is helpful in a variety of situations.

Save Money

When you look at the price of a personal ice maker, you might wonder if it's really worth the investment. Think about how often you're buying bagged ice. Maybe you're stocking up once or twice a week. At a few dollars per bag, you could easily spend more than $300 on ice in a year. Depending on the size and capacity of the ice maker you choose, you could end up paying for that just in the savings of no longer buying ice at the store.

Shop the impressive selection of ice makers at JCPenney to find the perfect addition to your home or office. You can find countertop, portable, retro-inspired, and commercial-grade ice makers to accommodate any need you might have for producing ice.

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