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How Induction Works

Instead of using a straight heat source, an induction cooktop uses magnetic fields to create heat for your cooking. Gas and electric stoves use heat directly, producing them either with natural fuel or with electricity. What happens is this: an induction cooktop contains a copper coil, which gets an electric charge. However, that electric charge isn't for heating the cooktop, but for magnetizing the pot atop the stove. The magnetic field heats the pot and its contents.

Induction is a very cool way to cook because you can get temperature changes very quickly. Anyone who's stood there waiting for an electric stove to heat up, only to realize suddenly that you made it too hot and had to snatch the pot off before it boils over, will love switching to induction. Your cooktop cools down much quicker, because it never gets very hot.

Thanks to the magnetic technology, induction stoves also reduce heat waste. Your kitchen won't get nearly as hot when you use an induction cooktop versus when you go with a gas flame or an electric coil stove.

An Induction Cooktop for Your Kitchen

When you go for induction, you need the right cookware. It has to be cast iron or the right kind of stainless steel because the metal of your cookware has to be susceptible to the magnetic field the copper coil generates. Glass and other cookware doesn't magnetize, but that doesn't mean you can't use it. You just need a little extra help.

If your kitchen isn't already outfitted with cookware that works with induction, you can get a special hot plate that sits on your stove. You simply place your cooking instruments atop this plate, which heats due to the induction. Then it functions to heat up your cookware no matter what that cookware is made of.

Features You Must Have

Induction is a safer way to cook because it produces less heat on the stovetop itself. People with small children or working in tiny kitchens should consider switching to induction. Because of the faster heating, you decrease the cook time on your meals, which is perfect for parents or busy families with very little spare time to spend in the kitchen.

Popular kitchen brands like Samsung make high-end induction ranges that look great in any kitchen. Features like Wi-Fi preheating and flame visuals make these cooktops easy to use and beautiful to look at. These free-standing ranges are easy to use, feature edge-to-edge cooktops, and have self-cleaning oven features.

If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, shop induction cooktops at JCPenney online. Safety features, time-saving conveniences, and modern designs make these ranges a great choice for many kitchens and many lifestyles.

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