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Check Out Cosmetics From Kat Von D

Kat Von D is well-known for her work as a talented tattoo artist, but she's a woman of many talents. After her fans raved about her awesome sense of style that they noticed when she inked people's skin on TV, it made sense that she'd transition into also offering makeup that suited her daring, bold look and helped devotees mimic her appearance. JCPenney makes it easy to discover new Kat Von D products or stock up on your favorites.

Some of the cases and containers feature textured areas. They fit Kat's signature Gothic look, plus make the cosmetics stand out on your bathroom shelf or in a portable makeup case.

Perfect Your Pucker With Pretty Lip Products

Many of the products in the Kat Von D line are specially formulated for long-lasting wear, even if you have a busy lifestyle. The lip cosmetics are good examples. Explore liners, liquid lip color, and lipsticks that glide on for hassle-free applications. Whether you want a bright color or one that's more understated, such as a nude shade, the possibilities available from the brand are enticing and sure to help you tap into your natural creativity.

Consider lip color sets that include both a lipstick and lip liner, too. They help you become comfortable with using multiple complementing looks to improve your look more than you might by using just one product.

Enhance Your Eyes With Lovely Shadows and Liners

Sometimes an eyeshadow is just the thing needed to liven up your look. Consider the options available from Kat Von D that feature hints of shimmer for a dramatic effect. You might also go with the shades contained in a palette filled with warm hues. Try blending those to create an entirely new color that suits your skin tone and makes you feel ready for anything.

Choose Powders and Concealers for a Flawless Look

Think of your skin as a canvas, imagine that the cosmetics chosen are your paints, and that you're a talented artist. Foundations, concealers, and primers help your skin show off the corresponding makeup by hiding blemishes, fine lines, uneven areas and dark circles that are the last remaining evidence of the long night out you enjoyed yesterday.

Find both liquid and powder-based products and appreciate how easy they are to apply to your freshly cleansed skin. The Kat Von D collection also offers refill that let you replenish your face palettes and compacts.

Regardless of if you're already a huge fan of this makeup and have admired Kat Von D for years or are still learning about which of her products you like best, JCPenney makes it simple to explore the various items. Find the ones you want, then get them shipped to any U.S address.