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Fun Toys for the Doc McStuffins Fan in Your Life

If your children love Doc McStuffins and her adventures of fixing dolls and stuffed animals just like a real doctor, they'll get a kick out of these Doc McStuffins-themed toys and costumes. Whether they want to play dress up or run their own clinic for their stuffed animals, you'll find the accessories they need to help their imagination grow.

Costumes for Dressing Up

It doesn't matter if your children want to play dress up around the house as Doc McStuffins or go dressed as her for Halloween; you'll find an excellent selection of costumes and accessories to make it happen. You can pick out a costume that comes with Dottie's coat, pants, headband, and that all-important stethoscope.

To add even more authenticity to the costume, don't forget to get a pair of sparkly pink sneakers. These sneakers are so stylish and comfortable, your kid can even use them for everyday wear. With a realistic look and all the right accessories, this is one costume your children will use again and again.

Toys to Encourage Creativity

If your little ones dream about becoming a doctor like Dottie, you can find tons of Doc McStuffins toys to help make that dream a reality. You can pick up a doctor bag play set that comes with a stethoscope, thermometer, syringe, and bandages. These bags have everything your children need to start treating their own dolls. There are also plenty of hospital toys designed to help your little doctor perform checkups and diagnose problems.

Or, if you have a future veterinarian on your hands, get the vet bag play set and let your son or daughter use the stethoscope, cast, head cone, and scissors to make their stuffed animals feel better. You'll find all the tools necessary to create a veterinary clinic your children can play in for hours. If they need help, popular stuffed animals from the show, such as Lambie the Lamb, are available, too.

Toys That Are Just for Fun

Of course, you can also get Doc McStuffins toys that are simply for fun. When your little doctor needs to get to the scene fast, he or she can ride around in a toy ambulance for endless amounts of amusement. You'll also find figurines and dolls your children can use to create their own storylines. Finally, pick up some clinic playsets, so your children can play with Dottie and her favorite toys.

Whether your children are fans of Doc McStuffins or simply like pretending they're doctors and veterinarians, you can help foster their imaginations with their favorite cartoon characters when you shop for Doc McStuffins toys and costumes at JCPenney.

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