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Our Lawn & Garden Products Bring Personality to Your Yard

Like most people, you probably spend a great deal of time decorating the inside of your home with everything from floor lamps to throw pillows. Give the same amount of attention to the exterior parts of your property by looking for appealing lawn & garden products from JCPenney. Once you find items that support the look you're going for, order them at home during a convenient time and get them shipped to your doorstep.

Seek Out Adorable Statues and Figurines

At JCPenney, we have a range of decorative statues and figurines you can place at the side of a walkway, nestle within your vegetable garden, and more. Go with a peaceful fairy, a majestic-looking angel, a whimsical gnome, or a cute critter. Look for signs that welcome people to the garden, as well.

No matter which ones you select, these accessories are sure to get noticed and earn compliments from your guests. They also make great gifts for other people you know who have well-tended gardens, because these yard art products enhance gardens in seconds without requiring major changes.

Purchase a Fountain and Enjoy the Peaceful Sound of Running Water

There's just something about moving water that causes relaxation. Capitalize on that reality and look for fountains within our enticing lawn & garden inventory. We offer a variety of themed products that combine functionality and style. Some of the fountains even include LED lights to add visual appeal to the sound of the softly cascading water.

When figuring out where to place your fountain in the garden, think about how to maximize enjoyment. For example, you might want to place it in front of a strategic arrangement of lawn furniture so people can sit and enjoy glasses of lemonade and soda while hearing the soothing sound of the water. Life is stressful sometimes, but the gentle trickle of water can reduce tension and clear the mind.

Attract Native Birds to Your Yard

While shopping online with JCPenney, you can also find lawn & garden products that encourage birds to come and stay a while. Consider ordering an elegant birdbath that lets feathered creatures cleanse their bodies or get drinks. They'll perch on the edge of the birdbath and let you admire them. Also, we have bird feeders that let birds know your house is a great place to stop to get sustenance.

Put them in prominent places and fill them with food. Before long, birds will remember your home as a worthy place to get fueled up before long days of flying.

JCPenney makes it possible to get lawn & garden items without leaving home. Just choose online shopping and receive items that get sent to your doorstep.

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