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LG Refrigerators

LG refrigerators are seriously cool, pun totally intended. Innovative technologies keep these refrigerators running for years with energy efficiency. LG has worked to make their appliances run quietly, so your kitchen doesn't become an incessant hum of electricity. Space-saving features have increased the number of drawers and shelves you have in the refrigerator, and you can even change the temperature in parts of your fridge and freezer without affecting the rest. Choosing an LG refrigerator at JCPenney is a lot of fun because of the long list of features you get to pick from.

Door-in-Door Technology

One of the newest refrigerator options LG offers is the door-in-door. One side of your French door refrigerator has a glass door fitted into the main door. This glass allows you to see inside the fridge without opening it up and wasting energy.

With the press of a button on the handle, you can open the glass portion of the door to access snacks, or you can pull the entire door open. Open the door partition and leave the rest of the refrigerator sealed shut when you just need to grab something. Unloading groceries becomes easier with this technology. Plus, anyone who likes to stand with the fridge door open while deciding what to eat has handy glass to look through and no excuse for opening the door at all.

French Door Options

The three-door refrigerator is a popular style LG offers. Because French doors open onto a refrigerator with a lot of space, people who have big storage needs often prefer French door refrigerator designs. Counter-depth sizing means these refrigerators are designed not to protrude past the typical counter depth, which is perfect when you're concerned about square footage in your kitchen, but don't want to lose fridge storage space.

Many French door refrigerators come with water and ice dispensers. On the bottom, the three-door options have a large drawer that opens up and displays your freezer space. However, you might consider upgrading to the four-door option. The fourth door is a drawer that sits between the refrigerator and freezer spaces. You can choose whether you want it to freeze or cool, and convert it depending on your food storage needs.

Side-by-Side Styles

LG offers side-by-side refrigerator and freezer combinations with amazing technology. Get one with door-in-door to save the cold air within your refrigerator, and look for features like digital temperature controls and a sound notification if you've had the door open for too long.

The refrigerator is an important part of your kitchen, and a good fridge design makes both storage and cooking an easier task. Browse LG refrigerators at JCPenney. Even if you think you know what style you prefer, take a look through the other options. You could discover something amazing you didn't know you needed.

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