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LG Washers

A quality washing machine is essential for any homeowner. Whether you have a large family and need a machine that can accommodate big loads, or you have a lot of specialty clothes with specific washing instructions, your washing machine can either add convenience or make your life miserable. LG is a top home appliance brand, outfitting every room with an EnergyStar item that adds convenience to your life. When you need a washer, shop LG at JCPenney for the perfect textile cleaning solution.

Wash Cycles and High-Tech Features

Some of us only need "hot" and "cold" settings on our washing machine. But, realistically, most people need more than that. LG has the washer with the instructions you require. If you want simple, some of LG's washing machines use dials and easy instructions so you can get everything in and out quickly. Need to spot treat, turbo wash, or control the temperature? Get steam technology, automatically adjusting water levels, and smartphone apps that let you alter a wash's settings when it's already in motion.

High Efficiency and Wash Size Options

Get a front-load washing machine that uses less water. Shop high efficiency LG washers to save water, and look for the EnergyStar emblem when you want to save energy. Worried about how much you can stuff into the machine? LG makes high efficiency machines with more than 5 cubic feet of interior space.

Pedestal Washer for Double the Action

For people who are short on time or who have tons of laundry, the pedestal washer is a must-have. This washing machine innovation adds a small washer to your already powerful LG model. The pedestal washer sits beneath your regular washer and tackles a tiny load while the main machine works. You get the convenience of running multiple machines, except you don't have to set foot in a laundromat. Certain LG models are compatible with pedestal washers, so you can buy one separately and connect it to your existing machine.

Your laundry room never looked so good as when you outfitted it with an LG washer from JCPenney. Whatever your laundry needs are, you can find an LG washer model that will accommodate you and your textiles. Shop a wide variety of options at great prices when you visit JCPenney online.

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