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Enjoy Timeless Style With Pearl Necklaces

Known for their luster and beauty, pearls are thought to strengthen relationships and symbolize generosity, integrity, and loyalty. Pearls form when a foreign object, like a small piece of shell, lodges inside an oyster's body. In defense, the oyster releases a smooth substance to cover the object in layers, which eventually creates a pearl. Pearls have the unique distinction of being the only precious gemstone we get from an animal instead of the earth.

The Perfect Accessory

When you're looking for the ideal way to include pearl jewelry in your wardrobe, you can't beat the classic charm of pearl necklaces. Best of all, you'll find such a variety of styles, it's easy to get the look that works for you. If you need something classic that can work with plenty of different outfits, consider a single pearl pendant on a simple chain. When you want a look that stands out, you can find necklaces with multiple strands of pearls.

A Variety of Colors

Unlike other gemstones, which may only come in a few different shades, you can find pearls in nearly every color imaginable. While cream, white, and black are certainly the most popular color of pearls, you'll also see shades of blue, green, purple, silver, brown, and more.

For a traditional look, consider getting a necklace of white pearls. However, if you want a look that truly stands out, go for a necklace that comes with pearls in a variety of colors. Plus, along with different pearl colors, you can also find pearl necklace chains in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold to coordinate with your other jewelry pieces.

Finding a Different Style

While a strand of white pearls offers you a timeless look, you can also find pearl necklaces with other gemstones for a unique style. Pearls and diamonds are a lasting combination you can enjoy for years to come. If you prefer to keep your pearls white and add color to your jewelry pieces from gemstones, you'll find necklaces that include amethyst, blue topaz, black onyx, quartz, and more.

Don't Forget the Coordinating Pieces

Once you've picked out your perfect pearl necklace, don't forget to get a few coordinating pieces to match. You can also find pearls in rings, bracelets, and earrings. Whether you choose pearls that are all the same color or you decide to mix and match, these pieces work perfectly with pearl necklaces. They'll also come together to create a classic look that can go with everything from a formal dress to a casual top and pair of pants.

When you want to enjoy the beauty of pearl necklaces with your outfits, you'll find a unique selection of colors and styles at JCPenney.

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