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Treat Your Skin Well With Ole Henriksen Products

Ole Henriksen is a respected name in the skin care industry and now you can access the products easily, just by shopping at JCPenney. Henriksen grew up in the Netherlands but became interested in skin care after having severe acne successfully treated during his time in Indonesia. He then went to London to learn more about skin and eventually moved to the United States. Benefit from his collective expertise by purchasing products from JCPenney.

Go With a Glorious Gift Set

Perhaps you've only recently been introduced to the Ole Henriksen brand or want to buy some themed products for someone you love. In both those cases, gift sets are great solutions. They help you try items and save money at the same time. Find product bundles that make your skin look brighter or more balanced. You can also find travel-ready sets that make it easy to maintain a skin care regimen despite being away from home and on the go.

Cleanse Your Skin Thoroughly

The Ole Henriksen collection offers various ways to speedily remove dirt, excessive oil, and makeup from your skin. Choose a foaming cleanser that quickly lathers up once you apply it. You might also try a salt or walnut scrub that removes unwanted things from the skin's surface while having an exfoliating effect.

If you have a very active lifestyle and don't have time to cleanse your skin as carefully or often as you'd like, check out the cleansing cloths available from Ole Henriksen. They come in numerous varieties, so whether you're trying to control oil or just enjoy an overall nurturing effect, the cloths have you covered.

Because they're already wet when you take them out of the package, all you need to do is stroke them over your skin. Use them to freshen up after a workout at the gym or take off makeup if you're too tired after a night out to go through your usual routine.

Restore Your Skin's Natural Moisture

There are many things that can cause the skin to become dry. They range from windy weather to rooms that have improper humidity levels. Fortunately, the Ole Henriksen line has several products that promote a moisturizing effect.

Try the facial water to quickly quench your skin through a few quick sprays. You might also want to use a cream-based moisturizer that goes on smoothly underneath your makeup. Some products are intended for nighttime use, and they help fight the progressive effects of aging.

No matter what your skin needs, there's a good chance that the Ole Henriksen collection can help it. Shop for your preferred products at JCPenney today and get them delivered to any address in the United States.