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Why Opt for Outdoor Curtains?

Dress up your beach home or outdoor area with one of the loveliest decorative pieces on the market: long, luxurious outdoor curtains. Here's why you should consider taking your outdoor space to the next level with one of our premium designs.

  • Exquisite curtains complement every home style and color.
  • Curtains create an automatic sectioning-off of the outdoor space. Gain an immediate feel for peace with full coverage from the sun and privacy from public view.
  • Shading allows you to take part in a wealth of activities in your outdoor area, such as using a laptop or smartphone without the glare of the sun or staying outside for long periods of time without being overly affected by UV rays.
  • When you don't need privacy, simply pull the curtains open to reveal a gorgeous view or landscape. The curtains still add a lovely look you'll want to show off to your friends at sunset.

Tab-Top Curtain Panels: Stunning Curtains for Your Best View

Try our Matine Tab-Top Indoor/Outdoor Curtain Panel, which comes in a beautiful ivory hue. The perfect color for a calming Sunday, these sweeping curtains are heavy and durable, providing both sun protection and versatility. Alternatively, opt for a white color to match wood paneling, or navy for a modern look. They offer an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 to help protect your family from the sun. Lastly, don't worry about having a barbecue or hosting a dinner. These classy cloth curtains are both stain resistant and water resistant. They're also perfect for kids: If there's a mess, simply undo the hook-and-loop closure tab tops and throw them in the washing machine.

Try Escape Stripe Grommet-Top Curtains for Your Beach-Bum Home

On the other hand, if you're looking for a gorgeous do-up for your beach home or cottage, you'll want to consider curtains that truly blow in the wind, for a dramatic effect. Consider the Escape Stripe Grommet-Top Curtain Panels, which come in calming blue and white stripes, or in pink or green stripes. They create a lovely frame for your outdoor view, and you'll be swept away by their romance. The sheer fabric lets the light in but gives just enough privacy and shade that you get a rest.

When you plan your next vacation to your beach home or decide to decorate your patio, don't go any further than JCPenney's outdoor curtain options. We have looks and styles that will take your breath away.

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