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Thongs: Get Rid of Those Unsightly Panty LinesSexy and Stylish Women’s Underwear for Every Occasion

Thongs: Get Rid of Those Unsightly Panty Lines

You’ve longed suffered through unsightly panty lines, so invest in a few pairs of thongs at JCPenney. One of the biggest benefits of wearing thongs is the line free look you get when wearing fitted clothing. There are a variety of thong types on the market, and you’ll find a huge selection of them at JCPenney. Each thong type offers a unique level of coverage. G-strings have small triangular patches in the front and back, which are connected with a string. If you’re apprehensive about wearing a G-string, then a Rio thong is right up your alley. A Rio thong is often referred to as a ‘starter thong.’ There’s a lot more coverage in the front and back. It looks more like a bikini bottom, making it more modest than a G-string. Tanga and Cheeky thongs have a low waistbands with ample material that covers your front, sides, and back. Kick modesty to the wind with a Chip G-string, Micro G-string, or C-string. Each of these provide minimal coverage, with the C-string providing the least of them all. Shop for all the thong styles you love, or try something new. Whatever you choose, you’ll find great deals on them in our women’s department.