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Relax Outside on Patio Sofas

Whether you want to lounge by the pool or simply enjoy time in the sun and fresh air, patio sofas offer a comfortable place to sit down and take in the outdoors.

Plenty of Unique Styles

No matter your reason for buying a patio sofa, you'll find many unique styles to suit your needs. If you're interested in relaxing in the sun, consider a soft sofa that will make a comfortable spot to spread out. If you love to throw outdoor parties, look into a large patio sofa with plenty of room for all of your guests to sit down. Or, if your priority is creating a shady spot where you can enjoy time outside without worrying about the sun, check out the patio sofas with canopies.

Fun and Functional

When most people think of a patio sofa, they picture a large piece of furniture that sits on the ground like an indoor sofa. However, patio sofas also come with enjoyable functionality that you don't get with traditional sofas. For example, you can get a swinging patio sofa where you and a loved one can sit down and take in a beautiful sunset while appreciating a gentle rocking motion.

Beautiful Colors to Match Your Outdoor Décor

Whether your outdoor space is modern or traditional, you'll find a patio sofa that's the perfect style to match. Wicker patio sofas in light and neutral colors work wonderfully when you're going for a tropical look. You can also find patio sofas with clean lines and smooth frames for a very cosmopolitan look. A bold pop of red is always a good color for this design style. Wood patio sofas in earthy shades like brown and green add a nice touch of rustic style and are ideal for outdoor spaces in the mountains.

Put Together a Complete Set

When you're picking out a new patio sofa, consider the matching pieces that go along with it to create a nice set. Patio tables keep your food and drink close by and off the ground where they might accidentally get knocked over. Patio chairs also offer extra seating while tying together perfectly with your patio sofas.

You can make your outdoor time stylish and comfortable when you shop for beautiful patio sofas at JCPenney.

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