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Put Together a Comfortable Bed With Pillowcases

Create a cozy place to rest your head every night with soft pillowcases. Whether you want to keep cool with satin or stay nice and warm with flannel, you'll find the ideal pillowcase for your bed.

Perfect for Any Size Bed

Pillowcases come in a variety of sizes to fit over the pillows on your bed. You can go for the standard size, which fits pillows perfect for single and twin beds. For king or queen beds, get larger pillows that complement the size of the bed and won't get lost on it, and then buy pillowcases in a coordinating size. You can even get a pillowcase to go over long body pillows.

Different Types of Fabric

Pillowcases come in plenty of different fabrics to suit your sleeping needs. One of the most popular fabrics for pillowcases is cotton. Cotton has a crisp feel to it, and it easily absorbs sweat off your skin for a comfortable sleep. During winter months when you want to stay warm, switch to flannel pillowcases. They are very soft and warm to the touch. On the other hand, satin pillowcases are silky smooth and remain cool to give you a peaceful sleep during summer.

Good for Adults and Children

Whether you're buying pillowcases for your own bed or your child's bed, you'll find many designs that work well with any style. Choose a solid color to match your comforter and bedroom decor. You can find fun prints and patterns that young children will love, as well as bright colors that work well in a teenager's bedroom. If you have multiple pillows on your bed, get a two-pack of pillowcases so they will match perfectly.

Comes With Special Features

You can also find pillowcases with special features to help you sleep better. Hypoallergenic pillowcases provide a barrier that protects you from common household allergens like pet dander, dust mites, and pollen. You can also get pillowcases specially designed to block bed bugs. For children, look for pillowcases that are stain resistant, and when you want a pillowcase that's easy to take care of, go for one that's wrinkle resistant.

Pillowcases are the finishing touch for every comfortable bed. Shop JCPenney for a variety of pillowcases to suit your needs.

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