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Purchase Power Tools From JCPenney Today

When it's time to build something special or improve your home, JCPenney stocks the power tools you need to take the project into your own hands and feel confident about accomplishing it. Even better, you can shop for a wide assortment of our products online and get them shipped to your preferred location.

Find a User-Friendly Drill

Drills are among the power tools you'll likely use most often, whether assembling something or making repairs. Find handy cordless drills from brands like Black & Decker and Stalwart and appreciate the cordless design. The lack of a cord means you can hold the drill at any position required to get the job done right and don't have to worry about trying to manage the cord so people who are helping you won't trip on it or you won't get the cord under your own feet.

You can even get a drill with a stud sensor that detects studs that are up to three-quarters of an inch within the wall. Appreciate how our drills have soft grips, too. You can use them for long periods of time without getting cramps in your hands. If you often do work in dim environments, consider getting a cordless drill with a built-in LED light. It shines on the surface in front of you, allowing for more precision.

If you're shopping for power tools because of Father's Day or another special occasion, be sure to look for our drill sets that include accompanying bits in an included case. Users can simply take out the drill, find the desired attachment, and look forward to a hassle-free process.

Get Crafty With a Heat Gun

When you're adding appliques to fabric or working with embossing powders, a heat gun should never be too far out of reach. Find options at JCPenney that offer the high-powered results you need for reliable outcomes.

Purchase a Capable Chain Saw

When you're working with wood, the task becomes much easier to manage with a feature-rich chain saw. Look for options in our inventory that combine power and safety features, so you can use them confidently. Some of them feature an automatic tensioning system that keeps the chain at the proper tightness level without input from you. You can also find a chain saw with a built-in lubrication system.

Go With a Grinder

Our assortment of power tools also includes bench and angle grinders. Use these to change the shape of the materials you're handling. Many of them include attached guides that give you a greater amount of accuracy.

No matter what kind of project you have on your agenda, our power tools make it easy to meet goals. Shop today and get your purchases delivered to a location of choice.

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