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Dazzling Relic Handbags

Relic handbags are stylish and chic, and a great addition to your handbag collection. Relic originally started as a division of Fossil that solely focused on watches. Eventually, the brand expanded into wallets, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, and much more. Inspired by vintage style, you’ll find handbag designs that represent numerous decades. There are several bags with geometric prints inspired by the Art Deco craze of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. They brought back the groovy 60s with their Mod inspired purses, featuring bold colors, strips, and flowers. For those that prefer something simpler there are plenty of handbags that are inspired but nature. Earth tones never fall out of popularity because of their versatility. Relic’s line is peppered with purses that feature browns, tans, beiges, blues, greens and many combinations of these colors. You’ll find more beautifully designed Relic handbags in the handbags and accessories department.

Budget Friendly Relic Purses and Wallets

Relic purse are well-made and budget friendly. With vintage design as their inspiration, you’ll always find purses in interesting colors, and patterns, as well as purses in staple colors, such as black, white, and brown. In their collection, you’ll find a plethora of crossbody purses for everyday wear or a night on the town. No handbag lover would ever by caught without a shoulder bag or tote. Shoulder bags and totes are staples, just like black slacks and pumps are workwear staples. Staples stand the test of time and never fall out of favor. Sure, the colors and patterns used for them change, but the standard structure of the bag does not. Relic shoulder bags and totes come in some really cool colors and patterns, such as mint and paprika. While you’re purse shopping get a new wallet. Relic wallets come in many different designs. Checkbook wallets allow you to carry a checkbook along with your cards and cash. Many of the wristlets come in with multiple zipper compartments for you to store more than just your dough. Shop all of our Relic purses in the handbags and accessories department.