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Extend Your Bed's Lifespan With Reversible MattressesDouble-Sided MattressImportance of Flipping the MattressImproved Comfort

Extend Your Bed's Lifespan With Reversible Mattresses

Sleep is a necessity for physical and mental health. When you don't get enough sleep, it's harder to concentrate, your immune system can't fight off illnesses as well, and you could experience worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety. One of the problems that can lead to poor sleep quality is a bad mattress. Manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress at least every 5-10 years.

Over time, your mattress will absorb sweat and skin cells produced while you sleep, which can break down the construction and lead to lumps, sagging areas, and other imperfections. While these may not be detectable when you're lying on your mattress, they often manifest in the form of pain and discomfort when you wake up.