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Updating your kitchen appliances is a larger undertaking than most people expect. From the cost to the convenience, you've got a lot to plan when it's time for some newness in your kitchen. Take some pressure off your budget when you look at refrigerators on sale at JCPenney. Popular styles like French doors and food showcases are thousands of dollars off, leaving you with the perfect options to fit your kitchen decor.

Which Style Works in Your Kitchen?

Popular styles for refrigerators today feature French doors on top to access the cooling portion of the fridge and large pull-out freezer drawers beneath. Another favored design is side-by-side fridges, with each side opening up into the fridge and freezer, respectively. Take stock of what you usually put in the fridge. Lots of tall items will fit in the latter style best, while wide platters and pizzas are easier to store in the former. Not sure? Take a look at home interior magazines, and choose a style that complements your kitchen's decor.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Most of today's refrigerators on sale come with water and ice dispensers built into one of the doors. Other features like Wi-Fi panels and touchscreens are a little rarer. When you're bad at making a grocery list or have a big family and never quite know what's in the fridge, smart applications like these can be lifesavers. Plus, you have the advantage of displaying recipes from the door, instead of dealing with paper cookbooks that get coated in ingredients or endangering your handheld devices with water and sticky foods.

Fridge Size Matters

Refrigerators on sale come in a range of sizes. Some are narrower and perfect for small kitchens, others are counter-depth and sit flush with your countertops. Modern colors include black and stainless steel or opt for classic white instead. The cubic footage within the fridge is also important, possibly the most important aspect you'll consider. You'll find a range of volumes from popular brands like Samsung, starting in the modest 20 cubic feet range and going up to more than 28 cubic feet.

Find out how your online refrigerator and kitchen appliance order can qualify for free delivery. Whatever your kitchen needs, JCPenney is here as your one-stop-shop.

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