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Salon Brand Name Products for Fabulous Hair

Get fabulous hair with salon brand name products from JCPenney. We carry a plethora of top brands that are known for their quality products and innovative approaches to hair care and hair styling tools. Enjoy the sulfate free shampoos of Sexy Hair Concepts and the quality performance of Hot Tools hair styling tools. Love CHI? We carry CHI hair styling products and styling tools including world renowned CHI flat irons. Design the hairstyle of your dreams with the Design Essentials line. Many of the brands we carry featured curated collections with multi step solutions to address the hair challenges your face: maintaining long lasting color, grey hair, dry hair, weak hair and more. Browse the impressive selection of styling tools by Hot Tools this company is known for their salon quality products that aid in helping you accomplish any style you can think of. At JCPenney, you can get all of your styling products and styling tools.

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