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Snazzy Seventeen Bedding

Seventeen bedding brings the fun fashions featured in Seventeen magazine to your teen’s bedroom. For over 70 years, teenage girls have been flocking to Seventeen magazine for fashion, love, school, personal development advice. Seventeen has branched into home décor, and your teen won’t be disappointed. Seventeen bedding features bold colors and patterns. Drawing inspiration from nature, there are several bedding sets with animal prints and feathers. Give your teen’s room some sparkle with jewel tones. There are quite a few sets featuring jewel tone colors. All of the jewel tones complement one another beautifully, and add dimension to the sheets and comforters. Several of the bedding sets have multiple patterns blended together. You’d think this mish mash of patterns would create a giant eyesore, but that’s not the case. The patterns have been carefully merged together, and they create a dynamic image that is fun to look at and accessorize. Seventeen has its finger on the pulse of teen tastes, so give your teen the swanky styles of Seventeen bedding in the homewares department.


Seventeen Bedding Sets for Trendy Teens

Stylish teens want Seventeen bedding sets! Makeover your teen’s bedroom with bedding from Seventeen magazine. Seventeen has amazing colors and patterns that are playful and on trend, and the company has done an amazing job with blending contrasting patterns into trendy designs. Take a step on the wild side with colorful animal prints. The Zebra Darling comforter combines zebra print with leopard print. This might seem like an odd combination, but the execution of the design is very visually appealing. Since both prints are in black and white, there is no color clash. A pop of color is added into this set with the hints of muted purple in inside of the leopard spots. This set, as well as several others, feature matching accessories. Get window treatments and accent pillows to bring the look of the new bedding to the rest of the room. View all of the Seventeen bedding sets in the home furnishings department.