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Deep Clean Floors Easily With Superior Steam Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners do a good job sucking up dirt and debris on the surface of your floors, but a surprising amount of grime and bacteria is always left behind. For a deeper clean you can trust, you’ll need a steam cleaner. JCPenney proudly stocks a variety of steam cleaners from trusted names in cleaning.

Why Choose a Steam Cleaner?

There are many reasons you might choose a steam cleaner for your home. They provide superior cleaning, killing 99.99 percent of bacteria on the surfaces of your floors. Steam also kills mold, instead of simply turning it white like bleach does. Best of all, steam cleaners provide this more thorough cleaning without any harmful, toxic chemicals.

Instead, steam cleaners use only the natural elements of heat and water, so they’re safe for the planet and the humans and pets living in your home. They also won’t impact allergies and respiratory illnesses, including asthma, like some other cleaners can.

Buying and operating steam cleaners can be very economical compared to other cleaning methods. Once you’ve bought your steam cleaner, you’ll usually only pay for the water and electricity it uses. There are no bags or filters, and in most cases, no detergents either. When you shop with JCPenney, you can feel confident you’re buying your steam cleaner at the best price.

Types of Steam Cleaners

JCPenney stocks several types of steam cleaners. Think about the surfaces in your home to choose the right one for your needs. Carpet cleaners feature rotating brushes which scrub your carpet as they pass over it. Steam cleaners meant for hard floors have a flat mop head that sanitizes and cleans surfaces like tiles, linoleum, and hardwood panels. Some versatile steam cleaners can clean both carpets and hard floors. Handheld steam cleaners are designed to clean troublesome hard-to-reach areas like shower doors and window frames.

Look for Special Steam Cleaner Features

Many steam cleaners available at JCPenney feature special cleaners that help them clean your home even more effectively. Most of them use only steam to get surfaces clean, but some also use detergent for removing extra stubborn stains. Others have different modes, letting you choose whether to wash or rinse your surface and control your brush speed. Dual-tank technology separates clean and dirty water for easy clean-up and refilling. Many steam cleaners also have add-ons like hardwood squeegees and upholstery tools for cleaning challenging surfaces.

All JCPenney steam cleaners are also protected by manufacturer’s warranties. You can boost your coverage by adding our One-Year Floor Protection Plan.

Visit JCPenney to find carpet and hard floor steam cleaners to give the floors in your home the deep clean you can trust.

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