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Discover Big and Tall Sweatpants for Sport and Relaxation

From keen sportspeople to armchair athletes, generously proportioned men love JCPenney's range of big and tall sweatpants. These sweatpants offer unparalleled comfort due to their superior fabrics and design. JCPenney proudly stocks big and tall sweatpants from trusted athletics apparel brands including Ecko Unlimited and The Foundry Big and Tall Supply Co. The range of styles offers something for everybody, whether you love neutral hues like black and navy, or bolder colors like royal blue.

Big and Tall Sweatpants Offer True Comfort

Few pants are made as comfortably as the sweatpants from JCPenney. They're constructed from fleece, a soft, cozy fabric made from either straight polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton. However it's crafted, fleece has a woolly soft lining that's perfect for cold weather and one of the big reasons behind its appeal.

Our big and tall sweatpants also have elasticized waistbands. Larger men often say these waistbands feel less restrictive, ensuring they feel comfortable whether they're moving around a basketball court or recovering from an overindulgent meal. Some pairs have an additional drawstring to help you enjoy the perfect fit.

Grab Your Big and Tall Sweatpants For Sports

The comfort you feel wearing sweatpants is a big part of their appeal for people playing sports. Fleecy sweatpants won't restrict your movements so you can comfortably run faster, train harder, and achieve better results in the gym and in competition.

Sweatpants' fleecy material also wicks moisture away. As the name suggests, the sweat you work up during your workout will be captured and moved away from your skin so you stay dry and comfortable. If you've had a good workout, your temperature has probably hit a high. Your fleece sweatpants will help you maintain that temperature by trapping in heat. This makes sure your muscles and the rest of your body return to your regular temperature more slowly, without suffering chills or risking damage.

You don't have to be a serious sportsman to benefit from the athletic advantages of big and tall sweatpants. Even newbies to the gym will notice the difference training in these comfy pants.

Style Your Sweatpants Right

Sweatpants are a casual apparel item, so don't overdress them. Other athletic clothes like tank tops and T-shirts are the perfect match up. You could also add a hoodie or sweatshirt over the top for extra warmth. Add a pair of your favorite sneakers and you're ready to work up a sweat or enjoy a casual day kicking back.

Whether you're on a health kick or simply enjoy the comfort of sweatpants at home, you'll find the range of big and tall sweats at JCPenney can't be beaten.

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