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Adventure Into the Wilderness With a Camping Tent

Plan your next camping adventure with the right tent in your corner. Basic two- to four-person tents are very affordable if you want a no-frills camping experience. Enjoy sleeping in a sleeping bag beneath a canvas roof that still allows you to feel the night air and hear all of nature's beautiful nighttime sounds. Or, look for something with a few bells and whistles, like a high ceiling and screens that act as windows. Spend days comfortably with lots of space and fresh air as you explore nature preserves and state parks.

Tent Features to Fit Every Camping Style

Whether you've been camping numerous times or this is your first excursion into the wild, you know that the features your pop up tent has to offer will greatly impact the experience you have. Seasoned hikers, for example, often make do with small tents that are lightweight and easily fit inside backpacks. These tents are small with no space to stand up, but with enough space to lie down in your sleeping bag. Simple construction with just a few rods allows you to erect and pull down the tent easily and quickly.

On the other hand, if you'll be camping in the same spot for a few days and have a car to drive you most of the way there, investing in a bigger tent is a smart idea. Choose one you can stand up in with more room to maneuver. A larger footprint will give you space both for sleeping and living. Roll up the sleeping bags and stick a few camp chairs inside during the day if the weather gets bad.

Double up on Tents for Extra Shelter

You have a third option to create a truly protected camping experience. Some people put camping tents under canopies or inside screen houses. This way, you get extra protection against the elements and create a small bedroom or sleeping area within a larger covered space. Traveling with this setup in backpacks isn't feasible, but for camping at festivals or at campgrounds, it's lots of fun.

Whatever your camping needs, JC Penney offers the pop up tents and camping tents that fit your outdoor adventures. Shop online for the best deals on camping equipment.

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