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Throw a Load Into Your Top Load Washer

When you have kids, pets, or both, it's tough to keep up with the laundry. As a parent, you probably notice the amount of weekly loads increasing with every child that you have. Changing seasons, participation in sports and other activities, and illness can all increase the amount of laundry that you have to do, as well. If you're hauling baskets and hampers of clothes to the laundromat, now is the time to upgrade your space with a top load washer. Even if you have a washing machine currently, it might not be able to keep up with the amount of laundry you have to do every week.

Improved Cleaning

Older washing machines often have smaller capacities, which means you'll have to do additional loads of laundry. Your washer might be too small to accommodate bedding and other linens, so you could wind up making trips to the laundromat to wash these items. With a larger top load washer, you can handle all types of laundry needs from the comfort of your own home. Top load washers also help get your clothes cleaner, even heavily soiled items. The agitator in the center of a top load washer ensures better movement of the items within the load, allowing water and soap to move through every item freely.

Save Money

When you consider the cost of washing multiple loads of laundry every week at a laundromat, it might surprise you to see how much you can save by investing in your own washing machine. At $2 per load, multiplied by three loads a week, your laundry could cost more than $300 in a year.

Throw in a Load and Go

One of the main benefits of having your own functional top load washer is the convenience factor. Instead of planning out a trip to the laundromat, collecting every piece of clothing that needs to go, and searching beneath couch cushions for enough quarters, you can simply grab the load you want to wash and toss it in the washer. As it runs, you can do other chores, prepare the next load, or just relax with your favorite book.

At JCPenney, you can choose from a wide selection of top load washers to accommodate your laundry needs. With options from top brands in varying sizes and capacities, it's easy to pick out a washer for your laundry room. If you need to wash larger items, check out the machines with ultra-large capacities. Some options have high-end features like load size sensing, quieter operation, and pre-wash soaking bins to get rid of tough stains. Find your perfect washer at JCPenney at a price you can afford.

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