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Buy Wine Coolers for Long Lasting Wine

Specifically looking to keep that collection of vino at a temperature that’s ripe for picking (and pouring)? Add a wine cooler to your cooling arsenal, and make sure your bottles are stored in a way that flawlessly preserves their taste as long as you need it to. Chill your chardonnay with modern features, such as a convenient touch screen, and peer in on your pinot noir with an attractive window-front design. Dual temperature coolers feature two distinct zones that you can set to separate temperatures. Combine a corkscrew and a cooler into one with a wine refrigerator that not only keeps your wine at the perfect serving temperature but opens it for you too! One of the greatest updates to wine woolers is silent cooling technology. Gone are the days of noisy cooling systems! You can now keep your pinot grigio cool in total silence. Accessorize any available space with tall, vertical builds or shorter, wider styles. Whether you choose a 20-bottle fridge or a small 6-bottle fridge, you’re wine is in good hands with our collection of high-tech wine coolers.

Chillout with Wine and Beverage Coolers

That expensive bottle of wine you just opened can quickly turn into vinegar if it is not kept in a proper environment and temperature. Not everyone can afford or has the room to have a wine cellar in their home. That’s when wine coolers comes in handy. They can be free-standing, built-in, big, small, wide, narrow, or counter top units. Some make a lot of noise and others are quieter than a mouse.

There are a few thing to consider when picking out a cooler. First is size. Consider where your cooler will go and the size of that particular space. Countertop wine coolers can sit atop a table or counter top in a very inconspicuous manner. Choose this unit for a small wine collection or to open up floor space in the kitchen, this is especially beneficial for people who live in apartments.

The second thing to consider is compressor type. Placing your cooler in a place where temperature fluctuations happen often poses a problem. Your wine could easily spoil if the temperature gets too hot or too cold frequently. In this case, you’ll want to get a beverage cooler with a strong compressor that can handle those fluctuations. But with a stronger compressor system you’ll have a much noisier cooler. Wine coolers with thermoelectric cooling systems are extremely quite, and this type of cooler is great to have indoors. Heavy wine drinkers benefit from having a cooler that can accommodate numerous bottles at once. If you pop the occasional bottle a few times a month a smaller unit is the most practical. Shop our kitchen appliances and get yourself a top-notch wine and beverage cooler