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Pick Up a Warm and Fun Christmas SweaterUgly Christmas Sweaters for Holiday Spirit

Pick Up a Warm and Fun Christmas Sweater

Tis’ the season for Christmas sweaters! There’s nothing quite as beloved yet dreaded as a good ‘ole ugly Christmas sweater. You’ve undoubtedly seen them pop up when the holidays draw near—and you’ve got the feeling that you need a few of your own! Never fear, JCPenney has your bases covered with our interesting, colorful selection. We’ve got something for any taste—there’s the more cartoony and humorous takes on this holiday classic, or perhaps you’d prefer to go all-out with the zaniest designs out there. Why wear a plain-Jane sweater that doesn’t spread the holiday joy? Spice things up with the so-ugly-it’s-cute charm and put on a delightfully tacky Christmas sweater to help spread the holiday cheer!