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Explore Plus Size Jeans in Different Washes

There are a plethora of blue jean washes for you to explore, allowing you to create unique everyday this summer. Shop our plus size jeans in an array of washes. Classic wash is what everyone associates with blue jeans, and it is the most versatile of the jean washes. Classic wash jeans don't have substantial fading, dusting or browning, making them appropriate for work. You can find classic wash jeans in light blue, mid blue, and dark blue. Acid wash jeans are icons of the 80s along with big hair, leg warmers, and massive shoulder pads. As new-wave and glam rock gave way to grunge, acid wash jeans found their way into the trash. But they’ve made a comeback to mainstream fashion in recent years. Because this wash is extremely bold, the less is more approach is best. Let the jeans speak as the focal point of the outfit by wearing shirts with muted tones in solid colors. Dirty wash jeans look muddy. These jeans are browned to create the faux-dirt look. You can wear basically any top with them, but avoid anything that’s close in color to the dirty faded part because this will wash you out. This is just a taste of the washes we have for plus size jeans in the women’s department.

Get Distressed Plus Size Skinny Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans for Winter

Our plus size skinny jeans and plus size boyfriend jeans are available in just as many wash varieties as our regular jeans, giving you countless styling options all year. They also feature many distressing techniques that add extra character to the jeans. Whiskers are a distressing technique where the jeans are faded in the hip, crotch, and back of the knees to give an aged look. If you want to accentuate your hips, wear jeans with whisker distressing. Just like whisker distressing, grinding makes your jeans look aged. However, the distressing is focused on the waistband, pockets, belt loops, hems, and seams. Rips, frays, and holes are classic distressed features. Jeans with rips, frays, and holes give your jeans an extremely well-worn look. People may think you've had your pair for many years. These cool jeans are great to wear on your downtime. With our selection of plus size skinny jeans in the women’s department, you’ll find yourself swimming in stylish jeans at great prices.