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Women’s Work Shoes

They say an outfit is never complete without an outstanding pair of shoes. It's true: Regardless of whether you splurge on a high-end get-up or opt for a simple affair for your first day of work, the type of shoes you opt for will make or break your outfit. At JCPenney, we've got you covered for your new business look by offering a diversity of styles. We're your one-stop shop for premium fashion for all your everyday needs.

Shoes to Create the Perfect Height

When preparing your new look for the office, first think about the height you'd like to achieve. Do you want a pair of spectacular shoes that raises you a bit higher? If so, by how much? (Don't forget to consider the length of your pant or dress. Your perfect hem might become too short with a taller shoe, while your skirt's knee-length look could turn out a tad too long with a short pair of stilettos.) 

Dressy Heels for Business and Comfort

Decide on the comfort level you're going to need. Consider this bit carefully, since a nine-to-five day can place a lot of strain on your feet. Will you be sitting down or running from room to room during hours of urgency? If you have your own office, will you be able to kick off high heels and change into flats -- thus keeping the stilettos for formal meetings only? Consider carefully your daily schedule and what is appropriate in your office.

For those who love a lean, tall shoe and would like to dress to impress, don't fret: There are ways you can be comfortable and confident all day long in the office, even with a high heel. You can even consider platform shoe options, which offer a bit of a lift while keeping you cozy.

Sweet Flats You Can Wear Everyday

Perhaps you are looking for a simpler look, or you prefer a baby-doll style for a casual office atmosphere. If so, try a sophisticated pair of flats. These are great for lunches out in the springtime or for an early dinner if you can leave the office ahead of schedule. If you commute, these are helpful for long strolls from public transportation or the company parking lot.

As always, JCPenney offers you top quality shoes at budget friendly prices. Our professional additions come in all sorts of styles, colors, and sizes, helping you obtain the lifestyle and fashion you deserve.

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