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Women’s Yoga Clothes

The women's yoga clothes available at JCPenney are sure to supercharge your workout or everyday routine. The brands you will find represent the ultimate in comfort for women, with soft fabrics and a variety of fits that feel like heaven. Regardless of your preference, you are sure to find a style and fit that is just right for you.

The Right Choices for Any Class

Female yogis of all experience levels will love the women's yoga clothes they find at JCPenney. The shorts and pants are lightweight and stretchy so you can easily get into popular poses. There are loose-fitting tops that provide support without restricting movement and full-length pants that are best during colder months or for classes that don't involve rapid movements. If you like practicing Bikram or hot yoga tight-fitting yoga tops and short styles are available that will keep you cool while you are sweating it out.

Styles You Can Wear Any Time

You don't have to save your women's yoga clothes for yoga classes though. They'll also work well for other types of exercise including bike riding and jogging. Choose colorful yoga clothes for outdoor exercise so you're easily seen by cars. Additionally, yoga clothes are so comfortable they are ideal for relaxing at home. You might not work up a sweat on your couch, but you'll feel comfortable while wearing your favorite yoga outfits.

Options for Every Size and Shape

It doesn't matter whether you're an apple, a pear, or any other shape, you will find women's yoga clothes that flatter your body. Looser fit styles are available if you want to cover up problem areas or if you're more confident about your figure, a tight fitting sports bra or stretchy lycra tank will help you show it off. Woman of all shapes will find leggings that sculpt legs, creating a beautiful womanly shape regardless of size.  If leggings aren't for you, looser fit shorts and pants are also available comfy options.

Whether you're a dedicated yogi or you just love feeling comfortable around your house, JCPenney has women's yoga clothes you'll fall in love with. With short and long-sleeved tops, shorts, and pants, you'll find yoga clothes for every season. Browse through the styles to create your ideal activewear wardrobe.

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