billing and payments

billing and payments


Through our arrangement with Borderfree, international shoppers will now get the benefit of seeing complete order totals in their preferred currency. Borderfree allows you to pay using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, and you will see a charge for 51*jcpenney on your credit card statement for the international order. Just add items to your bag and select the checkout option. Borderfree will calculate and display the order total in your preferred currency including shipping costs from our U.S. warehouse(s) to the Borderfree warehouse, shipping costs from the Borderfree warehouse to your selected international destination, and any applicable duties and taxes imposed by the customs and revenue authorities in the destination country. 


With International orders, the order total shown during checkout will reflect the amount you will be billed by Borderfree. There will not be any additional costs billed upon delivery. Please note: reserves the right to correct pricing errors. 


duties and taxes

The government of the destination country determines the duties (or custom tariffs), VAT and taxes charged for the products being imported into the country. These vary greatly by country, type of product being imported and where the product was manufactured.


payment options

Borderfree currently accepts payments using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. However, we are constantly working with Borderfree to expand our payment tender options to bring more choices to our international customers.


buying or using a jcp gift card

Unfortunately, international customers cannot purchase gift cards or e-gift cards or redeem gift cards or e-gift cards for international orders.


accepted currencies

Please visit and click on the “flag” in the right corner of the page for a complete list of countries supported. Then click on any country to see a complete list of supported currencies


currency exchange rates

Borderfree handles currency exchange rates for orders and displays the order total in your local currency.





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