When in doubt, we reach for denim. This simple piece of clothing has been a cultural and fashion phenomenon since its humble beginnings as durable workwear. Denim has proven time and again to be an essential piece that's present in wardrobes across the globe – especially in the form of jeans. They are versatile and can effortlessly transition from a casual date to a night out on the town. 

A pair of jeans is also a canvas that lets you express your personality and make a statement wherever you go. In this guide, we will deep dive into the fascinating world of denim, covering everything from the different styles to unique fits, ensuring you gain valuable insights on how to choose the right jeans and style them to perfection. 

Jean Size Range

Jeans are not one-size-fits-all, and understanding what size range you fall under is crucial for achieving that perfect fit that ensures comfort. At JCPenney, we carry a multitude of options for you. There are jeans in the following size ranges available: misses, plus, petite, juniors, and maternity. Different brands may have different criteria for size, so be sure to use the size charts available online. 

If you do not know your fit perfectly, follow these steps to get your measurements:

Measure Your Waist

With a soft tape, measure around your waist directly against your skin about 4 inches below your belly button.

You have to go around the back of your body and the back to the front to measure your waist.

Check Your Inseam

To check your inseam, start by measuring your leg length from the crotch down. 

You have to ensure that your legs are shoulder-width apart when measuring from your foot to your crotch on the inside of your leg. 

You may need someone you trust to help you out with this measurement.

Measure Your Hips

To get your hip measurement, wrap the tape measure around your hips where they are the widest.

Make sure that the tape isn't lifting or drooping in the back.

Measure Your Thigh

To take your thigh measurement, wrap the tape measure around your skin where your thighs are the thickest. Only measure 1 thigh, you don't need both.

Check Your Front Rise

Lastly, you'll have to check your front rise from your crotch to your belly button. Simply stretch the tape measure from behind your crotch line up and over the front of your pelvis to your waist. For women it is around the belly button and for men it is an inch or two below. You can also consider wearing a belt for the front rise measurement to better understand where your jean's waist would lie.   

Once you have completed all the five steps mentioned above and got your measurements, you can find the right pair of jeans using size charts available with every product online at JCPenney.

What Jean Rise is Right for Me?

For taller women
We recommend a low-rise or mid-rise style jean for you. These jean styles will keep your upper and lower body proportionate.

For average-height women
If you fall in the average height bracket (5’5, 5’6), you’re spoiled for choice as all three rises will work for you, it really just depends on how you want to style your look!

For shorter women
We recommend you avoid low-rise jeans as they will make your legs appear shorter. Stick to mid-rise and high-rise jeans as they will help elongate your legs and torso.

Let's Add a Little Stretch

Thanks to the introduction of elastane (interchangeably called Lycra or spandex) in the 50s, stretch jeans have become a staple in many brands’ lineup of denim jeans. Typically made from a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex, these jeans are known to be comfortable, while their non-stretch counterparts can feel rigid and restrict movement. At JCPenney, you can find a wide selection of stretch jeans that are great to wear if you have an active lifestyle, as they conform to your body’s natural movement. Choose from top brands like Levi’s and Arizona to find the perfect fit!


​ Has a 20-35% stretch hugging your body and giving a smooth look​ ​

Bounces back and has a smooth finish

Comfort Stretch

​ Has a lighter look and under 20% stretch. Great for all day wear and support

Perfect combination of structure and a touch of stretch for everyday wear


Your vintage staple look with perfect amount of support and structure

​ Can be very formfitting but over time breaks in a perfect amount to fit your body

Choosing the Right Rise

Jeans come in a range of rises, from low to mid to high, with each one offering a different look and feel. Let’s delve into the characteristics of each of these, allowing you to make an informed choice that suits your individual style.

Shop Low-Rise Jeans

Became popular in the 60s and 70s and have recently made a comeback.

Low-rise jeans are worn on your hips and sit just below your natural waist.  

Generally, low-rise jeans measure around 7.5 inches front seam and 13 inches back seam. 

They look best when styled with a crop top, tied button-up, or a loosely tugged T-shirt.

Shop Mid-Rise Jeans

Classic staple for every wardrobe

Mid-rise jeans sit mid-way between your hips and your belly button. 

They measure around 9 inches front seam and 14.5 inches back seam. 

You can choose to wear them with just about anything in your existing wardrobe, from a black shirt to a graphic tee or even a ruffled blouse.

Shop High-Rise Jeans

Popular in the 80s and 90s and have made a huge comeback in the last 10 years.

High-rise, high-waisted jeans, feature the longest seam between the crotch and waistband. 

They measure between 9 to 11 inches front seam and around 14 inches back seam. This style typically sits higher on your torso or just above your belly button depending on your height. 

You can wear high-rise jeans with a blazer, a polo T-shirt, or a causal shirt... with this style, the possibilities are endless!

Jean Length: How to Style Your Jeans

The length of your jeans can have a significant impact on your overall appearance. There is crop, ankle, regular, and tall lengths available. Here's what they mean:


Crop jeans are your summer staple with an inseam length of 26 inches. 

They hit between the mid-calf and ankle and are usually great for casual outings. 

You can style them with strappy sandals, mules, and even sneakers.


Ankle jeans are great for year-round wear with an inseam length of 27 to 29 inches. 

They can be worn with just about any type of shoe. 

That said, ankle jeans are an absolute must in your wardrobe.

Regular Length

Great classic with an inseam of 30 to 31 inches. 

Regular-length jeans fall below the ankle right before your foot begins.

Wear them with heels, sneakers, or combat boots.


Thankfully, JCPenney carries plenty of tall-length jeans that a perfect for those who are not into cropped or ankle jeans. 

Tall jeans generally hit below the ankle, right before your foot begins, and have an inseam of 32 inches or longer. 

They look best when paired with heels for a more elongated look.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Another critical aspect of choosing the perfect jeans is understanding the different fits. These complement different body types and personal styles, and this section will help you make sure your jeans fit just the way you want them to.    

Tapered Fit    
Tapered-fit jeans provide extra room around the waist and hips and gradually narrow from the thigh to the ankle. It offers space around the western hip areas and in the tide region. Whether you have larger hips and thighs or prefer a slightly snugger fit, a tapered fit is highly recommended.
Slim Fit    
Slim-fit jeans are made to closely conform to your body right from the waist down to the ankle. It offers us a snug fit around the seat, thighs, and legs, so it's particularly suitable for lean and slender body types.    

Relaxed Fit    
Relaxed-fit denims have a straight, roomy fit from the waist down. It ensures a comfortable, loose fit throughout, with a straight silhouette for generous space around the hips and thighs. It's perfect for those seeking an exceptionally comfortable and laid-back style. 

A Spectrum of Color

While jeans come in a rainbow of colors and rinses, we'll explore the 5 most sought-after color options available at JCPenney and how they can help you express yourself and stay on-trend with your denim choices.

Shop Blue Jeans

Blue is undoubtedly one of the most versatile colors, ranging from light blue to indigo and so on. 

While dark rinses are ideal for dark skin tones, light rinses are ideal for those with light skin tones. 

Needless to say, blue jeans can be dressed up with tops and strappy heels or dressed down with T-shirts and sneakers.

Shop Black Jeans

One fan favorite since the past few years, continues to be black jeans. It is considered a must-have and is great for evening occasions. 

You can wear it with a gray or white button-down and boots or a pair of sneakers.

Dress up your black jeans with Blazer or lace.

Shop White Jeans

Looking to perfect your casual look? Reach for white denim that is ideal for dates and brunches. 

Pair your white jeans with a bright-colored polo tee and sneakers.

Throw on a blazer for a more structured look 

Now that you know all about the basics, we hope your denim buying experience is less chaos more fun. No matter your style, color, or fit preference, JCPenney brings you jeans from trusted brands. Shop online to save more with free shipping.