• Choreograph the perfect outfit with key pieces like tulle skirts, bodysuits, wrap tops, and of course, ballet flats. Keep it comfy so you can move freely like a dancer. 

• Give your look legs by adding tights and socks, or pair cozy legwarmers with skirts or leggings. Bonus: you’ll stay trendy and toasty all at once! 

• Layer on the lovely with romantic fabrics like tulle and satin in sophisticated shades like blush, cream & black. 


• The modern take on feathers is flirty & casual as trim on tops, crops and coats, not just formal gowns. 

• Feathers go back to the 1700s when Queen Marie Antoinette of France wore them in her hair. They were also notably part of Old Hollywood glamour

A little goes a long way. Experiment with feathers or fringe on your earrings, shoes or clutch. 

• Go simple with neutrals or make your look pop in hot pink.

Rhinestone and metallic fringe instantly elevate your look. Shimmy and shine! 



• Think big picture: Hang oversized art on a large wall to create an instant focal point & add drama. Or get practical with a big calendar, whiteboard or chalkboard. 

• The height of an oversized vase filled with large branches draws the eye upward and makes the wall appear taller. 

• Mirrors create the illusion of more space & light in the room. Don’t have the budget for an extra-large mirror? Create a gallery wall with a few small ones. 

• Fill an empty space with a large lamp, or clear clutter with an oversized basket.