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No matter what sport they play, get your kids ready for the season with kids' activewear from JCPenney. Our colorful selection of active clothing will have your child ready for anything, from running the soccer field to shooting hoops to playing outside with friends. Make sure they stay cool with everything from breathable soccer Shorts and jerseys to versatile mesh basketball shorts. Consider our baby activewear collection to keep your little ones comfortable and flexible while they crawl and learn to walk.

Discover A Variety of Kids' Activewear

At JCPenney, we also carry a ton of activity-specific kids' activewear. Check out our Girls' Activewear selection for your budding gymnast. Find the right unitards and leotards she needs to pull off her amazing new gymnastics moves – they come in a host of colors! She'll look like a colorful streak of lightning as she backflips and cartwheels across the floor. While you're at it, don't forget to check out the Boys' Activewear collection, including tees, hoodies, shorts, and so much more. Additionally, they'll need a cool bag to carry their change of clothes and water bottle to practice, beanies to keep their heads warm, and maybe a sweatband or two. Be sure to pick out some cool kicks as well. They're going to need the right shoes to perform at their best. No matter what sport or exercise activity your child is involved in, you can provide them with affordable activewear and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle with JCPenney.

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