Boys' Windbreakers

Buy lightweight windbreakers to keep kids warm during blustery weather. Boys' windbreakers with sturdy zippers and hoods keep wind out for more enjoyable play.

When your active child wants to play outside but it's too hot for a winter jacket, try a lightweight boys' windbreaker to keep him warm. Boys' coats from brands such as Xersion are made from high-quality polyester to keep body heat in when the wind gusts.

Lightweight windbreakers are a great option for changing seasons, such as fall and spring, when the weather is unpredictable. While it might be a warm and sunny day, you need to know that when the wind hits, your little guy is going to be well-protected. Boys' coats often have hoods and zippers, but a windbreaker is not as heavy as a regular jacket. There's less risk of him getting too hot to enjoy playing outside without taking his coat off — and possibly losing it.

Nike boys' windbreakers are perfect for active kids who want to showcase their favorite brand by sporting the classic swoop logo on their outerwear. These trendy options feature comfortable nylon fabric inside and windproof polyester outside, and many styles have elastic cuffs and tall hoods to keep the wind out. No gale can keep your little guy inside, so keep him protected in a smart fitting durable windbreaker in his favorite colors to bundle him up without overheating him. Before he heads out, don't forget to give him a pair of light gloves to keep his fingers warm, too.

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