Shop Boys' Socks and Underwear (Sizes 4-22) at JCPenney

With summer break coming to an end, it's time to prep for the back-to-school season! While shopping clothing and other essentials for your son, prioritizing quality and comfort in their socks and underwear is necessary. Opt for pieces that feel soft against their skin, keeping them dry and fresh throughout the day. JCPenney's collection of boys' socks and underwear, ranging from sizes 4 to 22, offers a variety of styles, and highly durable options. Additionally, we also have socks and underwear available in multipacks, so you always have fresh pairs on hand. Shop our range today and make sure your little one is ready for whatever the day brings.

Comfortable and Durable Socks and Underwear

Explore our collection to find short-sleeve T-shirts that are designed to last longer and shrink less. Made from soft cotton-blend fabric, these crew-neck tees come in multipacks of 5. They are lightweight, breathable, and the moisture-wicking properties keep your little guy cool and comfy. Xersion's boxer brief multipack will come in handy for all his active adventures. The soft stretch-cotton mesh is breathable and allows free movement. If your kid is a fan of cartoons, he will love our briefs and boxer briefs featuring his favorite characters like Spiderman, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. adidas' crew socks come in a set of 6 pairs. Not only are they made from comfortable knit-fabric, but also provide reinforced heel supports and wick moisture away. Shop at JCPenney today for your son's back-to-school essentials!

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