Shop Baby & Kids' Clearance Clothing at JCPenney

You know that feeling when you find something that is just so perfect and you have to have it? Then, you discover that the cost is even way better than you expected! That’s called a deal you just can’t beat. You’ll uncover a multitude of clearance items for boys and girls that you’ll adore, and you’ll love it even more when you see the price. A collection of kids' clothing is on clearance daily online at JCPenney.

Girls & Boys’ Outfits for All Sizes at Great Prices

This is the time to shop smart. Whether you have multiple kids to buy for or just need to stock up on clothes for one boy or girl, buying ahead is savvy. Gather up shorts and tees for the summer ahead or bundle up the winter months with coats and sweaters. Leggings for girls are a good investment as they can be worn underneath skirts to extend wear through the cooler months. When the season changes, you won’t be left behind trying to go out and purchase all these needed items – at full price. Get the best deals now when the selection is plentiful and the prices are low.

Kids grow fast. One day, you're cooing over their tiny toes, and the next you're buying shoes that almost rival your foot size. Don’t be caught with their shirt or pant lengths too short. Purchasing ahead in larger sizes is an excellent idea. Do your kids have particular brands or styles they like? If so, buy a couple of them, just in different sizes. That way you can ensure their comfort for longer. Jeans are a great example. Once you discover a fit that's right, buy more. No matter what you’re looking for, JCPenney has an incredible collection of kids' clothing on clearance so you can keep their closets stocked all year long.