Washcloths and Towels Made for Baby

Bath time is a new experience for baby. Ensure that it’s a pleasant time with products and accessories specifically made for baby. Square washcloths for baby are thin, soft pieces of fabric that are gentle on baby’s delicate skin. They are the perfect size for lying on top of baby’s chest to make them feel comforted in the water. Plus, they are palm-sized for washing baby’s face and behind their ears. Babies can be quite slippery and wiggly when wet. Use a foam bath insert to help cradle infants in the tub and keep them safely in place. After bathing is done, wrap up baby in a towel created for little ones. Hooded towels are ideal as they help keep the heat in and from escaping from baby’s head.

Make Changing Time Comfy for All

Changing diapers is never a looked-forward to task. But, you can make it an easy experience for both baby and you by having all the essentials right at hand and making the processes as seamless as can be. Start by having an adequately sized changing table that’s at the right height for you, so you don’t have to stoop too much. Attach a changing pad to the top that has tall sides and a safety strap so baby will stay in place and keep from rolling off. Gather all supplies such as baby wipes, diapers, cream, lotion and more, and keep within arm’s reach so you never leave baby’s side during the changing experience.

Care for Baby with the Best

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