Be Prepared With Baby Gear

Let's face it, equipping your life for the arrival of a new infant can be daunting, but JCPenney makes it easy to shop for all the baby gear you need in one place. From baby care and feeding to transportation and safety, you'll find all of that and more in JCPenney's vast inventory of baby gear essentials.

Must-Have Essentials

Having all the baby gear necessities on hand and ready to use helps to integrate your little bundle of joy into your home with less stress, added peace of mind and time-saving convenience. JCPenney has everything you need starting with breast pumps, BPA-free bottles and pacifiers to changing pad covers, burp cloths, bibs and baby bathtubs, just to name a few of the basic items you'll require for your baby's daily care. Transporting your child in your vehicle and to locations outside your home requires its own set of essentials, including a car seat, carrier, stroller and a fully stocked diaper bag.

Convenience, Comfort And Safety

Having all the latest trends in baby gear at home and on the go lends loads of convenience to maneuvering through each day with an infant in tow. One-hand open strollers, 3-in-1 car seats and dishwasher-safe items save time, money and frustration during an average day. Specialty items such as a wipe warmer, sound machine, or humidifier increase your baby's comfort level. Stroller tray, shade and toys enhance your infant's happiness while out and about. Baby gates, safety locks and latches, babyproofing kits, edge and corner guards, and plug protectors make your home safer and help prevent injury to your infant. Find all these products and so much more at JCPenney.

Well-Trusted Brands

When it comes to your baby's health and safety, you want to know the products you're choosing for them are high-quality. Shopping for baby gear from brands you trust is important and JCPenney offers a variety of well-known manufacturers to choose from, such as Evenflo, Safety 1st, Baby Bjorn, Nuk, Fisher-Price, Gerber, Okie Dokie, Carters and more, so you can feel confident in your purchases.

Make Life Easier For Less

Investing in your infant's care, safety and well-being is more budget-friendly when shopping for all the necessary baby gear at JCPenney. Everyday affordable prices, current sales events, as well as Best Value!, Clearance, and Special Deal! pricing, provide additional ways to save and further stretch your dollar.