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JCPenney is here to make your baby feeding frenzy an enjoyable and easy experience. Choose from our wide assortment of baby feeding essentials, including utensils, nursing pillows, and bibs designed for infants. Check out our baby tableware sets to get your baby started on baby-led weaning. The gentle silicone construction allows babies to feed more comfortably, while the suction plate keeps dinner on the table. And the best part? It’s all top-rack dishwasher safe for maximum convenience. If you're still nursing and bottle feeding, make sure you also have a set of baby bibs and a bottle drying rack.

Gear Up for The Best Baby Nursing Must-Haves

Is your little one going from a liquid-only diet to solid foods? Worry not, we have a feeding tools like catch-all bibs, suction plates, and baby utensils. Pick a feeding set that is break-proof and helps your child transition into independent eating. They come with three components to keep the food separate. All our baby cutlery is smaller in size with soft edges that are safe for your little one to use. For mamas that are still nursing, we know your comfort matters too. Pick out a soft nursing pillow for extra support and check out our multi-use covers that can be used as nursing covers, car seat covers, and more. Shop JCPenney for all your baby's feeding and nursing essentials through each growth stage of your little ones.

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