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64 results

Shop All Baby Essentials with JCPenney

JCPenney is here to make all your baby feeding frenzy into an enjoyable and easy experience. Choose from our wide assortment of utensils and bottles designed for infants and toddlers to chew their food in style. Think newborn feeding sets to get your baby started on fuss-free feedings. The internal vent system allows babies to feed more comfortably without the discomforting effects of a vacuum or ingestion of air bubbles. This reduces feeding problems like spit-up, burping, or gas. If you're still nursing and bottle feeding, make sure you also have a set of bibs and burb cloths. Look for cute and adorable patterns and designs in sets.

Is your little one grown-up from a liquid-only diet to solid foods? Worry not, we also have a range of feeding tools like food jars, cups, plates, and more. Pick a feeding set that is break-proof and help your child's transition into independent eating. They come in three components to keep the food separate, including a divided plate and a lightweight bowl. All our baby cutleries are smaller in size with soft edges that are safe for the little one to use. To avoid spillage, pick sippy cups in fun designs to suit their personality.

We also have a cute collection of stainless steel containers to keep kid-sized portions warm or cold. Store the spork in the handy built-in holder so your kid is ready for meals on-the-go. With JCPenney shop for all your baby feeding and nursing essentials that will help you through each growth stage of your little ones. Shop now and save more with free shipping online.