Keep Their Feet Warm with Baby Socks

Your little one is growing fast and almost ready to stand up on their own two feet! Make sure those feet stay safe and warm with our vast selection of baby socks, little undies and everything to keep baby comfortable. From fun socks featuring cartoon characters to simple white socks that feature extra elastic that’s perfect for babies that love to kick them off, we have all the styles and sizes to fit your baby best. Or get a four-pack of high-top sneaker socks and have your baby stepping out in style! For extra softness, get a six-pack of French terry socks for your baby’s feet.


Baby Underwear for when They Outgrow Diapers

Start your kid off on the right path to independence with a three-pack of absorbent training pants designed so they can easily pull them up or down when nature calls. From Despicable Me to Pixar, get baby underwear in all your favorite characters, in packs of seven so there’s a pair for every day of the week. And their underwear can change with them as they grow, with three- and seven-packs of underwear for babies, toddlers and even big kids. So you can help usher them through this phase of life with fun and confidence.


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