Toddler Furniture for Your Growing Kids

Light up your little one’s eyes with a kid-friendly selection of toddler beds and other durable furniture from JCPenney. Does your toddler have a wild side? Kindle their adventurous spirit with a safari-themed table and chairs, or let their love for animals roar with furniture shaped like lovable jungle creatures. Any girl will feel like royalty on a Disney princess recliner or sitting at a princess-themed vanity—complete with mirror and stool. She can even have her afternoon tea with her favorite stuffed animals at an adorable pink table set. Boys will feel like superheroes on an upholstered Spiderman chair or fly high on an airplane rocker. Keep their toys and goodies in order with a personalized toy box or storage bench. For a more traditional appearance, your kids will feel like grown-ups with classic wooden furniture or espresso toddler beds with a beautiful lacquered appearance. With so many toys and clothes, storage is can be a problem. Storage bed is the best solution. Get a bed with a single or multiple drawers. Or select a beautiful chaise lounge for extras seating and storage. From Hello Kitty to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Dora the Explorer, we have a great assortment of cartoon themed furniture. Whatever your child’s tastes, we have the toddler furniture to match their one-of-a-kind personality and their growing imagination.