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Baby Gates

JCPenney offers a wide selection of baby gates so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs. As a responsible parent, you want to protect your child while providing enough freedom to roam around in a safe area. That's why we have different styles, enabling you to pick a baby gate that works in your space.

Styles of Baby Gates

As your baby starts to get around on his own, things can happen quickly. Whether he toddles, cruises, or crawls, you need to keep him away from stairs and other dangerous areas. With the proper baby gate, his boundaries are clearly defined. JCPenney has a variety of sizes of pressure-mounted gates that don't require drilling or hard installation. They basically just pop into place, using tension to secure them between two walls or the doorframe.

We also carry a selection of portable, freestanding gates as well as gates that require installation. Bolted gates are safer for areas with stairs. Many of them are adjustable to fit a variety of spaces. Choose from among retractable gates or gates that swing open and shut. As you peruse our selection, you'll discover gates for stairs, gates that create safe "play yards," baby gate extensions for larger openings, and bed rails to keep your toddler from falling out of bed.

Some of the gates are designed with rails. Others are made from durable mesh. JCPenney has gates that are made for indoor or outdoor use. Many of them can be opened and closed with one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold on to your child.

Where to Put a Baby Gate

Most parents are concerned about specific areas of the house that might not be safe for their little ones. Some of these locations include the kitchen, bathrooms, and the garage. If you have a two-story home, you'll probably want one at the top and another at the bottom of the stairs.

Gate Colors and Materials

Our gates come in a variety of colors. We offer different shades and colors of stained wood, painted wood, metal, and plastic. All of them are durable and designed to last through the toddler years when you really need them. You should be able to find a style and color that goes with your décor while keeping your little one safe.

Large Selection at a Great Price

You don't have to worry about the cost of keeping your little one safe and secure. JCPenney provides a large selection of quality safety equipment for babies at a price you can afford. While you're shopping, your only concern is where you'll need to put your baby gate.