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Nail paint is an easy way to show off your personality, favorite color, designs, and so much more. And currently, the nail polish world is exploding with countless options for new shades and nail treatments. At JCPenney, we bring you just that. Check out our wide range of nail care products featuring captivating colors, topcoats, cuticle oils, nail appliques, and even manicure kits, so you get the right mix of all the offerings in the nail care world. There are  tried-and-true cult-favorite brands, of course, but new brands are offering great products as well. Discover well-known brands, including the on-trend Morgan Taylor's I Wanna Dance with Somebody collection, OPI, Sally Hansen, Entity Clean, Dashing Diva, and more.

Find Essential Nail Care Supplies

If you are looking for complete nail care, go for a nail kit, and no nail kit is complete without a few extra supplies. Shop nail polish remover and cuticle oil for the ultimate at-home manicure tools. Hand and foot lotion will keep your skin super soft to boot. We also bring nail appliques if you want to get a little creative or have a special occasion coming up. At JCPenney, nail care items are affordable, fun, and easy to customize. With nail polish and nail care tools like these, well-groomed and colorful nails are always within reach, no matter how you like to show them off.

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