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Skincare was simple at one point. Wash, cleanse, moisturize and repeat. But today, there are plenty of ways to make it easy and more effective. JCPenney brings you all the beauty tools you require to look your best all the time. From simple sponges, skincare tools, hair styling tools to makeup tools, we have everything you have been looking for. Take a look at our skincare tools and choose from jade rollers, sculptors, sonic cleansing tools, and more. These tools help you maintain balanced, healthy skin and aid circulation for refreshed-looking skin.

Top Notch Hair Styling and Makeup Tools

To maintain your lustrous hair there are plenty of products in JCPenney. Op for hair dryers that'll safely dry the hair while reducing frizz, adding shine, and help speed up drying time. If you style your hair every day, go for curlers and straighter. They will smoothen and polish each strand gently for healthy-looking hair. While you're at it, check out brushes and combs to detangle your hair. For makeup lovers, check out our extensive range of makeup tools. These makeup brushes ate designed for specific use to give you the precision to help you achieve the look. From sponges to full-fibered face brushes, they'll help you apply foundation, dust loose powder, and more.

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